Islands In The Caribbean

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The most visited vacation spots are the islands of the Caribbean and some of the islands of the Caribbean are mentioned here.

St. Martin:

Saint-Martin_ViajesmeThis is the island which is a part of the French and part of the Dutch country and is the islands which are very popular for the night life, restaurants and also for the resorts that are there in this island.

There are many amenities associated with this island and many activities like hiking, swimming, and lot more can be done in this island.


Aruba is an island which is very popular for the casinos, and also for the resorts that are there for the accommodations. For every Thursday the vendors set shops to sell regional specialities in this island. Aruba is the island which has been door to many other islands like Jamaica, and Dominicans. It is one of the most popular spot where many people come for their holiday vacation and also for their honey moon.


People who are looking for a fun filled British, American and Caribbean culture then they can go for the Bermuda islands. Many activities can be done by the people in the beaches of the island like snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, swimming and wind surfing. Other activities like shopping and visiting to places like historical museums, and aquariums can be done. People can also enjoy the view of the sceneries in this island or can simply lay in the pink colour sands of the beach.

Turks and Caicos:

People who are looking for an island with full amenities and entertainment can come to this island of Turks and Caicos where people can enjoy a lot with the activities and also with the amenities. These are the tropical island which is very clean and is also unspoiled and the main attraction of the beaches is the crystal clear blue waters and the white colour sands of the beach

St. John:

504f9d906ef64caa82ad57c1162942b6St. John is the island which is surrounded by the natural beauty and the main beach in this island is the emerald green beaches and people can also visit the exotic flora and fauna park.

Many activities like snorkelling and kayaking can be done by the people and is also the island where people can have the best hamburger either for their lunch or for their dinner.


Anguilla will be the perfect island to reconnect with you. This is the island which is famous for the resorts and is an island which has warm weather and also stunning beaches with it.

People can just relax near the azure water and can enjoy the night life by dancing till your legs pain.

Other islands of Caribbean are

  • St. Lucia
  • British virgin islands
  • Cayman islands
  • Bahamas
  • U.S virgin islands
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