Caribbean Beaches

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Caribbean will be the best destination if people are looking for the beaches because many best beaches are there in this place so that people can enjoy their holiday vacation or honey moon happily. The beaches in the Caribbean city are

Palm Beach:

palmbeachThis beach is there in Aruba which is famous for the white and the soft sands. This beach will be very perfect for the people who like to swim as the water will be calm enough.

Surrounding this beach there are many resorts so there is no need to worry about the accommodations too and the area will be more crowded because of the resorts that are present.

The resorts which are near to this beach provide all kind of services and amenities that will be very satisfying to the people.

Orient beach:

This beach is mostly known as the “French Riviera of the Caribbean “. This beach is also very close to many bars and restaurants and so people coming to this beach can enjoy their day in beach and can have a nice food for their dinner and can return back to home.

The restaurants which are very near offers foods like pizzas and burgers. This is the beach which is divided into two different sections in which the northern portion is referred to as “prude side “and the southern portion is referred to as “nude side “

Punta Cana:

This beach is located in the Dominican Republic and is considered to be one of the major beaches in Caribbean as it has many of the major resorts near to it. The resorts which are near to this beach will be very large and will be also spacious and the main attraction to the resorts will be the night life with all kind of entertainment. Some other tourist attraction near this beach is water sports, shopping malls and golf courses.

Horseshoe bay:

This beach is there in Bermuda but comes under the list of Caribbean beaches. This is one of the famous beaches in Bermuda and also serves as a popular tourist attraction place. This beach lies in the main island south coast and the main attraction of this beach is the sands of this beach will be pink in colour and the sand will be very fine.

Reduit beach:

Reduit-BeachThis beach will be very perfect for the swimmers because the water of this beach will be very calm and the sands of this beach will be stretch for 5 miles. This beach is located very front by the rex St. Lucian. Nearby to this beach there are many restaurants and bars present.

Sainte Anne beach:

This is the popular beach in Guadeloupe and comes as the best beaches in the country. Many activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, relaxing and wind surfing can be done in this beach.

Other beaches in Caribbean city are

  • Seven mile beach
  • Shoal bay
  • Palm island
  • Grace bay
  • Half moon bay
  • Pink beach
  • Flamenco beach


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