Best Caribbean Beaches

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There are many beaches in Caribbean city but some of the best among them are mentioned here. The beaches of this city will be soul warming, crystal clear and soft sands. The sands of the beaches some time will be in pink colour too.

Playa paraiso:

playa-paraiso-golf-clubThis beach is located in cayo largo del sur which is a coral island in Cuba. This beach has a long stretch of sands and the sands in this beach will be white in colour which borders the clear water of the beach. Nearby to the beach there is a beach side restaurant where simple dish can be tasted.

Seven mile beach:

This is one of the longest beaches which is in Jamaica and is the best beach among the island. There are many resorts nearby to this beach and there are also some free love spirit designated areas for the purpose of nude sun bathing.

Shoal bay:

This beach is very famous in Anguilla. The sand of this beach will be white in colour and also will be very soft which will be stretched for a mile. There are restaurants and bars nearby to this beach so that after enjoying in the beach people can either go to the restaurants for tasting some foods or can go to the bars for having some alcoholic beverages. This beach will be very perfect for snorkelling and also for scuba diving. This beach is divided in to east, west and upper in which the east beach is the widest and the famous beach among the others.

Palm island:

This island is a tiny island which is a mile away from the union island which can be reaches only by means of boat. This island has only one resort and 25 private residencies and there are 5 beaches in this island in which casuarina beach is the pretties among them.

Grace bay:

44This beach is located in the providenciales of Turks and caicos. This beach has turquoise blue water and white colour sands with it. This is the place where there are many Provo’s hotels and resorts located and many other tourist attraction are getting developed.


This place has many best beaches in Belize and also many offshore coral cayes. The beach which is in the eastern side of the peninsula is the longest beach and the best beach which has white sands with it.

The western side beach will be bound by long and narrow bay. This might be a perfect place for the people to relax their day.

Half moon bay:

This beach is located in antiqua and stretches for more than 1.5 miles on the south eastern coast. This beach will be perfect for wind surfing and also for snorkelling. The main attraction of this beach is the coral reefs and is a kind of beach which will be very suitable for family outing.

Pink beach:

The colour of the sand in this beach will be pink which stretches from Spanish point to the palmetto point. Snorkelling can be done in this beach.

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